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This place is slightly new, but please join and help make this Warriors roleplaying game the best it can be! The founder is Acornfur. The three administrators are Rainlegs, Spottedleaf123 and Moonstream98. Contact them if you need any help! Hope you can help and have a great time at the wiki!

About UsEdit

Hello! Spottedleaf123 here! The first step to take to be a member is to create an account! Okay, I know you knew that, but just had to say it! There are only two clans (instead of four), but if you help, then we can have four clans and be ready to roleplay! Are you excited?! Well, it's okay if you are not. Before you have a roleplaying cat, you must have it approved! Since that is under construction, that is all you can do for now! We need more chararts, so please help because we want to fulfill our goal!

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