SilverClan is a very secretive clan. They live in a thick forest at the base of a cliff which is teeming with silver vines. Their camp is based around the bottom of the cliff, with a few dens cut into the side of it. A large, wide river wraps around their camp's borders.


These cats are very close to StarClan, and often use the river by their camp to talk to them. They usually eat general forest prey, such as mice, rabbits, squirrels, and birds. In very stormy weather, the whole camp moves away from the cliff side, as they know rockfalls are common.


Leader: Dovestar

Deputy: Sunheart

Medicine Cat: Sirius

Warriors: Whitefang, Amberstorm

Apprentices: Hawkpaw, Poppypaw, Whitepaw

Queens: (open)

Kits: (open)

Elders: (open)