BeachClan is a clan of cats living along the beach. They usually have short, sand-colored or gray fur, and large, wide paws. They are usually found racing along the shoreline or fishing in tide-pools.


This clan is relatively close to StarClan. To other clans, they have a rather foul scent which can easily be detected. They mainly feed on crabs, fish, and sometimes shrimp or lobster. Their large paws help them crack open shells to get to the meat inside their prey. Their dens are close to the beach, but all the senior warriors know not to get too close to the high tide.


Leader: Sandstar

Deputy: (open)

Medicine Cat: Shellsong

Warriors: Feathercloud, Pepperblaze, Bluerain, Littlenose

Apprentices: (open)

Queens: (open)

Kits: (open)

Elders: (open)